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Customized Lists

One thing that really sets us apart is our customized list building service. We help teachers find books to match exactly what they need, based on their curricula or an upcoming unit, you tell us! We build custom lists with Spanish, French and/or English resources.   

custom book list

Popular Requests:

    • Thematic guided reading
    • Social issues book clubs
    • Science read alouds for specific units
    • Matching literacy resources to existing curricula
    • Culturally relevant literature
    • Content area text sets for student independent research

unit books customized list

    When building customized lists we consult our inventory of over 3,000 books-all of which have been previewed and curated by us. If we need something extremely specific, we use our network of over 400 publishers to find the right resources for your request.  Teachers love this service because we do the work that so many teachers do independently and in their spare time!  


    Download and print off: 

    Customized Lists

    List of Themes